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Setting the stage for a successful future.

Moving Forward. The Bloom Institute helps to move an individual, group, or organization forward by providing the tools necessary to successfully navigate change. Sophisticated assessment methods are used to measure strengths, needs, and gaps. We assess 32 management and leadership criteria, and help the individual or team build the skills necessary to meet the organization's objectives.

The Bloom Institute’s methodologies consist of teambuilding, team dynamics, executive coaching, professional presence, experiential learning, and adventure challenge. Our progress is measured through increased productivity, employee retention, and improved morale.

The Bloom Institute offers initiatives that are customized to the individual client’s needs. These initiatives include, but are not limited to:

Assessment/Attraction: to identify needs, and attract the talent desired for the future success of an organization. We are certified in all Center for Creative Leadership Assessments, The Birkman Method, Hogan Assessments, Herrmann Whole Brain Thinking and HBDI, and others. Each assessment method is selected and customized to best meet the needs of every client.

Center for Creative Leadership Assessments allow us to provide clients with flexible assessment solutions that can be tailored to gather information addressing even the most complex situations by using reliability, psychometric, validity, and normative data.

The Birkman Method tells us how a person behaves in usual situations, what they “need” in order to behave in usual situations, and how they behave under stress or duress. It gives us a great deal of information about an individual before we even begin a coaching process.

The Hogan Assessment offers information regarding the characteristics, competencies, and values that underlie and determine how an individual approaches work, leadership, and interaction with others in the workplace.

Herrmann Whole Brain Thinking, and Herrman Brain Dominance Instrument are instruments we use to identify an individual’s or a team’s thinking and communication preference styles. When we understand differences in thinking and communication, we can tailor our communication so we have the least amount of communication breakdowns with people who are different than us.

Leadership Development: to identify and cultivate potential talent and leadership within the organization.

Succession Planning: Planning and preparation for a smooth change in leadership.

Executive Coaching: Enables organizational leaders to identify their natural strengths and eliminate self defeating behaviors, for professional and organizational growth.

Professional Presence: Addresses wardrobe, verbal and non-verbal communication, diversity awareness, and etiquette and protocol in corporate and business-social environments.

Team Development: Creates highly effective teams, structures, and systems of personal accountability to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Off-Site Executive Experience Opportunities: Gives the candidate exposure to executives from diverse cultures and industries which have been groomed in a similar coaching environment. Bloom Institute will provide the candidate with a variety of venues through our corporate networks and arrange opportunities and off-site events which will provide the individual with exposure to gain political savvy and decorum. We will provide assessment, observation and feedback through these venues.

Transitioning: Moving an individual or organization from a current role to another while maintaining a high level of productivity.

Enhanced Communication Strategies: Necessary for high stress, fast paced work environments where emotions are raised, time is crucial, and stakes are high.

Internal Coach Development: Develops internal coaches within the organization. “Coaching the Coach.”

For Young Adults: Services specifically catered to young people age 16 to 22 to identify areas of strength and interest.

Virtual Coaching: Bloom Institute provides all methodologies, coaching, and assessment opportunities online.


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