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What We Do

Moving Forward

The Bloom Institute helps to move an individual, group, or organization forward by providing the tools
needed to successfully navigate change. Sophisticated assessment methods are used to measure
strengths, deficiencies, and needs. We'll look at 32 management and leadership criteria, and help the
individual or team build the skills necessary to meet the organization's objectives.

The Bloom Institute’s methodologies consist of teambuilding, team dynamics, executive coaching,
professional presence, experiential learning, and adventure challenge. Our progress is measured through increased productivity, employee retention, and improved morale.

The Bloom Institute offers initiatives that are customized to the individual client’s needs. These initiatives include, but are not limited to:

Assessment/Attraction: to identify needs, and attract the talent desired for the future success of an

Leadership Development: to identify and cultivate existing talent and leadership within the organization.

Succession Planning: Planning and preparation for a smooth change in leadership.

Executive Coaching: Enables organizational leaders to identify their natural strengths and eliminate self defeating behaviors, for professional and organizational growth.

Professional Presence: Addresses wardrobe, verbal and non-verbal communication, diversity awareness, etiquette and protocol in corporate and business-social environments.

Team Development: To create a highly effective team structure and system of personal accountability, to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Transitioning: Moving an individual or organization from one state of existence to another while
maintaining a high level of productivity.

Critical Communication Strategies: Necessary for high stress, fast paced work environments where
emotions are raised, time is crucial, and stakes are high.

Internal Coach Development: Helping companies to develop coaches from within the organization.
(Coaching the coach.)

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