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Students to Professionals: Online Assessment and Virtual Coaching for Students and Young Adults. This service is extremely valuable to young people between the ages of 16 and 22 to increase self-confidence, improve critical thinking, and help them explore who they are and to set goals. The assessments help identify learning styles and strengths by tapping into their areas of interests, what motivates them, and by creating specific steps to help them become focused on potential opportunities and occupational fits.

Student Experiences:
These are opportunities to spend quality time shadowing a business professional or corporate executive throughout their day. These experiences will be tied directly to the student’s area of interest. Each experience will be facilitated and chaperoned by Beth Bloom to create a comfortable, and engaging learning opportunity for the student.

Why Coach with Beth?
From a young client’s perspective, coaching with Beth Bloom is very comfortable, and works exceedingly well as she is both a parent and a coach. Beth has over 30 years experience with a client list of outstanding companies and executives who can attest to her knowledge, expertise, confidentiality and trust. She knows what employers are looking for in potential candidates and can help students and young adults establish their best direction forward.

Beth has worked in the hospitality arena as well as the medical, financial, technical, engineering and utility industries. She’s been highly successful in helping people enhance their professional presence and communication skills, which in turn gives them the increased ability to navigate through change and conflict. Beth Bloom is an expert in developing ways of connecting with one another in a manner that is both professional and approachable, creating a culture that begins at the front door, and exists throughout the entire organization. First impressions are always lasting impressions.


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